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How to Approach Your First Meeting With Our Family Lawyers

Whether your spouse just filed for divorce or you’re facing a potential child custody battle, your choice of a family lawyer in South Dakota can make all the difference in reaching an agreement that serves your interests and those of your children. The attorney you choose should have skill and experience helping clients like you work through divorce, custody and other challenging legal issues. This depends upon a firm and thorough knowledge of the law, the courts and the procedures involved.

Once you’ve chosen an attorney, it’s important to make your initial meeting as helpful and worthwhile as possible. When you visit us for the first time, we will put you at ease, learn about your family situation, educate you about your options and explain how we can help. As this article points out, there are a few things you can do to help you start off on the right foot when you meet with us:

  • Help us understand your story —Be ready to give us the facts about your relationship with your spouse. How long have you been together? When did you get married? Were there any difficult times during the relationship? Tell us about the issues you’re having now as a couple, your children, and anything else you think is relevant. It’s a good idea to write things down before coming to the office so you don’t forget what you wanted to share.
  • Be ready to share personal details — Honesty and open communication are the foundation of the attorney-client relationship. Your attorney is most effective when he or she knows the real you. Please don’t shy away from sharing concerns about such issues as domestic abuse, substance abuse or mental health. We aren’t here to judge you — we’re here to represent you and can only do that once we fully understand your situation.
  • Be prepared to ask questions —You can think of your first meeting with us as an interview where you decide whether to hire us. Ask any questions that cross your mind. Pay attention to how we answer them, and don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions. The choices you make now will affect you and your family over the long term.

Whether you’re anticipating divorce or dealing with another family legal challenge, Anker Law Group invites you to arrange an initial meeting with our Rapid City family lawyers. Our office is welcoming, our staff is friendly, and we are ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. To schedule a free consultation at our Rapid City office, please call 605-519-5967 or contact us online.

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