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Experienced Rapid City attorneys handle negligence claims

If you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s carelessness or misconduct, Anker Law Group in Rapid City helps assert your legal right to a monetary recovery. Our experienced attorneys represent South Dakota clients in claims against negligent parties, to hold them liable for damages such as the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For more than 30 years, we have successfully advocated for plaintiffs in cases relating to vehicle crashes, unsafe property conditions and other incidents where some person or business violated reasonable standards of care. Our firm understands that injuries affect you and your family in numerous ways, and our track record reflects that we work tirelessly to secure a result that fully compensates our clients for the harm they have suffered.

Dedicated advocates litigate cases arising from motor vehicle accidents

The physical and property damage from an auto accident can be devastating. Insurance law in the state holds the at-fault driver responsible for damages, so obtaining a skilled lawyer immediately is important. Our attorneys can guide you through the entire claims process whether you pursue payment from your insurer or the other driver’s carrier. We also handle vehicle litigation that involves special legal issues, including:

  • Truck accidents — Crashes involving commercial vehicles often result from violations of specific rules that apply to large trucks. Our lawyers conduct a thorough investigation to determine if rules on rest, speed or load weight were broken.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Riders throughout the country enjoy coming to South Dakota. However, serious accidents are all too commonplace because car and truck drivers don’t take the proper care to recognize motorcycles or their road rights. We litigate claims on behalf of injured riders.
  • Rollovers — Sport utility vehicles are popular because of their versatility, but they are susceptible to rolling over and causing devastating injuries. When this occurs, our firm aggressively pursues compensation from manufacturers when appropriate.

In every case, we offer clients a free initial consultation so that they have an overview of their potential claim before deciding to proceed.

Accomplished law firm assists with all types of personal injury matters

We represent South Dakotans in a complete range of personal injury matters, including litigation relating to:

  • Premises liability — Our firm advocates for clients who have been harmed by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. We work aggressively to find the liable party and hold them accountable. Even if you bear partial responsibility for the incident, the state’s comparative negligence law allows you to obtain a recovery.
  • Defective products — Problems in the design, construction or labeling of a consumer product can trigger harmful accidents. We have the experience and ability to take on powerful companies and utilize whatever experts are necessary to establish liability.
  • Wrongful death — If a wrongful or negligent act leads to someone’s death, our firm can help their estate and surviving family members pursue recovery for the financial aspect of the loss. This can include final expenses, medical costs, and lost wages. In South Dakota, a wrongful death claim must be filed within three years of the victim’s death.

No matter what type of negligent harm you have suffered, we will pursue a full financial recovery for you and will not allow you to be intimidated by powerful adversaries.

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Anker Law Group represents South Dakota clients in all types of personal injury litigation as well as other legal matters. Please call at 605-519-5967 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Rapid City office.

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