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Anker Law Group, P.C. handles all aspects of probate and estate administration for families in western South Dakota. We guide our clients through the court process of opening a deceased person’s estate and making sure that all the property and businesses are appropriately valued, that all assets are transferred to the correct people, that all debts are paid, that all tax returns are filed appropriately and that the estate is closed in accordance with the law. 

We’re lawyers with extensive experience representing clients on either side of a will contest, handling estate, probate and trust litigation. We are mindful of the sensitive nature of these legal matters and will seek to resolve your challenge in the swiftest, most thorough and cost-effective manner we can.

Working with your personal representative

When you work with a Rapid City estate administration attorney to write your will, you will be asked to name someone you trust as your personal representative. This person – your spouse or an adult child – will be the “point person” with whom we work to settle your estate. If you die intestate (without a will) or don’t specify your personal representative, the court will appoint a representative for you.

Anker Law Group, P.C. works with your representative to make certain that your wishes are carried out. We’ll do the probate process together, step by step, from publishing a death notice to distribution of property.

How our accounting experience helps you

Stan Anker and Stanton Anker have worked in the accounting field before entering the legal profession. We understand tax and estate law and can guide you through thorny tax questions. 

Anker Law Group, P.C. Rock-solid representation.

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