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The Dirty Dozen

Every year the Internal Revenue Service announces a list of tax scams, which it terms the “Dirty Dozen”.   Tax scams tend to rise during tax season or during times Read More

Proposed Bill Would Eliminate Irreconcilable Differences as a Ground for Divorce in South Dakota

A South Dakota lawmaker has proposed a bill that would remove irreconcilable differences as a legal reason for divorce in the state. Introduced on January 29 by state Rep. Tony Randolph, Read More

South Dakota Bankruptcy Exemptions: What Property Can You Keep?

The fear of losing everything is one of the most common reasons that people who could be helped by bankruptcy may avoid it. While it is true that some of Read More

Four Reasons to Consider a Living Trust

Most people know that a will is an essential element in an estate plan, but there are other instruments worth considering. Living trusts can help you accomplish different goals for Read More

What Is Imputed Income and How Does It Affect Child Support?

In South Dakota, both parents have a duty to support their child financially, whether they are married or not. When parents divorce, however, it is typically the noncustodial parent who Read More

Child Custody: The Value of a Parenting Plan

During your marriage, you and your spouse most likely fell into a pattern of dividing parenting duties naturally according to your schedules and those of your children. Now that you’re Read More

How to Approach Your First Meeting With Our Family Lawyers

Whether your spouse just filed for divorce or you’re facing a potential child custody battle, your choice of a family lawyer in South Dakota can make all the difference in Read More

How Bankruptcy Can Help You Keep Your Family Farm

How Bankruptcy Can Help You Keep Your Family Farm The twenty-first century has not been kind to small business, and continued pressure from large scale farming has made it increasingly difficult Read More

City of Box Elder can be held liable for negligently providing water

In 2014, the City of Box Elder was required to take one of its water wells offline due to impermissible contaminates.  Box Elder, having to provide water to its residents, Read More

Who Gets the Kids (For Tax Purposes)

A common question we receive from a party to a divorce in which there are minor children is “Who gets to claim the children on their taxes?” After all, if Read More

Viewing 17 - 26 out of 26 posts

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